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Welcome Beck Fans!

1/4/06 -
Beck is a Nominator for the newly created Pantheon Award. Nominations, nominators, and other info can be found here. To be eligible for this award the artist's album must have sold under 500,000 copies (not certified Gold) and released between July 1, 2004 and October 30, 2005.

12/22/05 -
New www.Beck.com website created in Macromedia Flash. Get Flash Player here if you don't have it.

12/3/05 -
Vote for Beck in the Virgin.net Music Awards. He is in the Best Album and Best Solo Artist categories. Don't let Beck lose to Madonna who is way in front, vote here!

3/29/05 -
Check out Beck's updated Tour Dates here.

2/29/05 -
Guero out in stores NOW! Get the cd or cd/dvd combo which comes with tons of extras. Hell Yes!

1/19/05 -
Get full details on Beck's upcoming album "Guero" here.

12/16/04 -
Special Ten Magazine's December issue features a documentary on the "10 Years of Mellow Gold." The Magazine/DVD can be purchased here.

9/16/04 -
Beck's upcoming album pushed to a 2005 release date. Read about it here.
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